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Åsa Wallenberg

Head of Funds, Storebrand Asset Management, and CEO, SPP Funds

A fund manager focusing on value creation beyond return

Åsa Wallenberg is Head of Funds at Storebrand and CEO of Swedish subsidiary SPP Funds. Storebrand is a leading player in the Nordic market with approximately Euro 73 billion AUM and is a pioneer within the field of sustainable investments; all assets are managed according to strict sustainability criterias.

One of Ms. Wallenberg's strongest driving force is the importance and impact of sustainable investments. The increase of sustainable investment is an essential prerequisite for both achieving climate goals and global goals as well as ensuring long-term returns. 

Ms. Wallenberg has gained broad and deep knowledge from the finance industry over the years holding several positions within the industry, such as stockbroker and management consultant and she holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Economics from Uppsala University. Prior to taking on her current position, Ms. Wallenberg held the position as Director of Communications at SPP Life Insurance.  

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